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ID 178128

Christopher Lenz

Software engineer

ID 165444

Sascha Feuring

Senior Systems Engineer @T-Systems, executive of Destop Service Feuring, 2nd & 3rd level Support @Deutsche Bank Group, Support & Service Manager @Unified Inbox

ID 186154

Marco Köppel

Awesome UI Developer @razorfish; In love with beautiful technology. Mastering iOS and .NET Development.

ID 374186

Marc Dassler

Experienced startup CTO with strong business background

ID 202744


CS graduate; Mobile Developer

ID 849922

Razvan Andrei Ionescu

Senior Integration Engineer, 15 years experience integrating software solutions for banking and insurance

ID 382555

Dwayne Vianney

Software Developer. Entrepreneur

ID 239753

Ani Sinanaj

Founder @clubsmade , Founder @bottega12 , Founder @plynked

ID 491001

Daniel Kaehler

Learned to Program in Compilation-C in three weeks. Series 7 passed with 2 mo. study w/ no previous accounting background. Dedicated and exceptional learner.

ID 724060

Matthias Kadenbach

I will soon finish my master’s degree in Leadership in the Creative Industries. I am the founder of Jungpark GmbH. I believe in software.

ID 328013


UI Engineer at Crytek

ID 343482

Konstantin Polakov

CTO and Founder. IT generalist with substantial project management and IT service management experience. Lean Startup evangelist.

ID 223659

Andreas Leicher

PhD student at Goethe University, Senior Researcher in Identity Management, mobile security and cloud computing innovation at Novalyst IT AG

ID 214092

Moataz Elmasry

CS Diploma Bonn University, worked at Fraunhofer and Nokia

ID 125547

Matthias Born

ID 639325

Eugen C.

Software architect, Lead developer, Webmaster, SEO and tech guy, Senior PHP Developer with 9 yrs. of experience in successful projects

ID 53648

Nicolas Bös

Co-Founder and CTO at Popset (YC W12)

ID 647379

hans peter

Automotive experience

ID 646909

Sebastian Roy

Synthetic Biology, Founder iGEM Team Frankfurt, Webdev, Security, Quora and TED addict

ID 535621

Emiliano Castro

CS degree, worked @ Intel for 3 years, working @ Crytek right now.

ID 885268

Diana Nenkova

Passionate and dedicated developers and designers. Developing technical solutions to innovative ideas. Taking over existing projects.

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