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ID 239753

Ani Sinanaj

Founder @clubsmade , Founder @bottega12 , Founder @plynked

ID 382555

Dwayne Vianney

Software Developer. Entrepreneur

ID 186154

Marco Köppel

Awesome UI Developer @razorfish; In love with beautiful technology. Mastering iOS and .NET Development.

ID 505410


I solve problems.

ID 701860

Jakob Schedler

I am a digital native, grew up with HTML & CSS, am highly motivated to work as Visual Designer remotely for your company!

ID 688806

Jennifer Kunz

ID 885268

Diana Nenkova

Passionate and dedicated developers and designers. Developing technical solutions to innovative ideas. Taking over existing projects.

ID 453615

Alexey Lysenkov

Full stack generalist & designer at large. Academic linguistic education & autodidact machine language education. UI/UX/Product Design. Based in Germany and happy to travel.

ID 418795

om choudhary

Web developer, Electronics Engineer

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