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ID 701860

Jakob Schedler

I am a digital native, grew up with HTML & CSS, am highly motivated to work as Visual Designer remotely for your company!

ID 382555

Dwayne Vianney

Software Developer. Entrepreneur

ID 505410


I solve problems.

ID 885268

Diana Nenkova

Passionate and dedicated developers and designers. Developing technical solutions to innovative ideas. Taking over existing projects.

ID 239753

Ani Sinanaj

Founder @clubsmade , Founder @bottega12 , Founder @plynked

ID 688806

Jennifer Kunz

ID 453615

Alexey Lysenkov

Full stack generalist & designer at large. Academic linguistic education & autodidact machine language education. UI/UX/Product Design. Based in Germany and happy to travel.

ID 418795

om choudhary

Web developer, Electronics Engineer

ID 186154

Marco Köppel

Awesome UI Developer @razorfish; In love with beautiful technology. Mastering iOS and .NET Development.

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